There’s been many articles floating around about how Apple’s new app Siri will destroy SEO  (search engine optimisation) and put many people and companies out of business.

Like many silly articles and videos we hate, XenMedia Solutions has it’s own view on this new app and is normally different from other so-called pros.

If you don’t know what “Siri” actually is, it’s a is a personal assistant application for iOS. You basically speak voice commands into your new Apple 4s (Siri app) and it follows your instructions.

For example, if you ask Siri where the nearest Chinese restaurant in town is, It will instantly display a result based on consumer feedback and scores to bring you a top 10 and will actually speak the result (which is kind of star treky don’t you think?).

There’s no doubt that this voice recognition personal assistant software is groundbreaking and will change the landscape in the years to come, but I think it’s an extension of the options available to the consumer and I still feel natural search (you typing a query into your favourite
search engine) will still have its place.

siri appYou Need To Adapt And Change Your Marketing

Where I can see a difficulty though, is for small local businesses not willing to adapt and change their marketing mix.

It’s now not enough to have a nice looking website with a few testimonials dotted around here and there. Small business owners will now, more than ever, have to really engage with their clients and encourage to leave feedback, rate their services, “facebook like” their site and “retweet” any decent content they like. For most, this will be a major shift in their multi channel marketing activities and will even be a game changer for those willing to put the effort in now to gain that early mover advantage.

For more advice and help with this, get in contact with XenMedia Solutions and stay ahead of the crowd.

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