We’ve just taken on a new client in the cleaning sector which is extremely competitive right now (which sector isn’t). They’ve asked us to monitor their Google Pay Per Click campaigns and we noticed some obvious mistakes some of their competitors were making and we’ve written this post to highlight them.

Have you ever heard of negative keywords? No, not a problem. Negative keywords are keyword clicks made on your campaign that aren’t specifically targeted to your company’s objectives or niche.

google adwords negative keyword tool

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In the example below, I typed in a keyword “carpet cleaning hire”. Not only does this bring up the likes of “HSS et al”, it also brings up a few carpet cleaning companies. Now, unless they hire their equipment out to the general public, these advertisers are going to get a host of unwanted clicks, which are costing them money.

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How Does This Affect Them?

Google and other search engines monitor the way your search engine traffic enters your pages, what they do when they get there and how they exit your site. If someone clicks on your ad and it isn’t what they’re looking for, they’ll simply close the tab down and continue their search.

Now, if this happens too many times, your quality score will suffer. It also suffers if no one clicks on your ad at all since this will affect your CTR rate. This is kind of a double whammy for these advertisers since they get hit from all directions simply by allowing their ads to appear for these negative clicks.

With their CTR down and their quality score low, these advertisers will end up paying even more for their keywords than their competitors. Not only is this really inefficient, it puts these advertisers at a disadvantage when it comes to working out ROI on their chosen keywords.

So What Can You Do?

Download your search query report, and review what people actually entered to trigger your ad. You’ll find some good candidates for negative keywords here, and you can start developing organized negative keyword lists.

This is what we’ve done for our client and it has already saved them £75 this week alone. In fact that’s a £3900 per annum saving by slightly tweaking their campaign a little.

If you want to learn more or would like us to tweak your campaign, call us on: (0845) 544 2722 where our team are ready to adjust your campaigns and make them profitable.

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