If you thought that tablets and mobiles weren’t important to your business, I think you may need to think again.

There’s a new kid on the tablet block that’s completely changed the way your clients interact and the way they’ll search for services. It’s called the “Nexus 7” which is a Google and Asus collaboration which is specifically targeting the kindle fire market and Samsung Galaxy series of tablets.

Price of Tablets Is Falling

The main game changer is the price. It’s coming in at a whopping £149 starting price. This makes it extremely accessible to the majority of your customers. In fact, be prepared for massive sales during the festive season.

Now, you may have ignored mobile. In fact, you’d have just cause to ignore it since so little of your website traffic is actually coming from mobile. However, tablets are a little different.

Here’s a piece from emarketer “According to Zmags, during the 2011 holiday shopping season, 87% of tablet owners used their device for shopping. Not only do users report better buying experiences than with smartphones, but tablet owners are using their devices frequently for m-commerce. According to Zmags, half of tablet owners are using tablets for shopping on at least a weekly basis”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got any stats for the UK market, but I’m guessing that the trends would probably mirror the US quite closely.

Now traditionally, people use their smartphones to find out where to eat, or to quickly look something up. The amount of purchasing isn’t actually that high yet. However, as you can see from the picture above, the way people use their tablet is similar to their mobile but with the added bonus of actually making purchases.

Why Is This Important To Your Business?

Now, you maybe asking yourself, why is this important to my business and how could I change my site to take advantage of this social shift?

  • You need to make your site more interactive!
  • You need to make your website tablet friendly!
  • Your website needs to re-size for different types of mobile screens!
  • Your contact numbers need to be able to dial with one click or press on a screen
  • Your videos need to be HTML5 compliant
  • Your promotional videos need to be high definition
  • and more importantly, you need relevant and informative content for your clients

Warning, if you don’t. Your competitors will!

We’re Here To Help

XenMedia Solutions can help you with all aspects of this.

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