What is Effective Search Engine Optimisation – SEO?

What is SEO and how can it help you?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation“. Using an SEO technique, webmasters have the ability to present your website in the top half of a search engine query result. The best part of SEO is that by getting great rankings in the search engine results means you can cut the cost of any PPC

marketing you’re carrying out a present. This will dramatically cut costs and surveys have confirmed that potential clients are more than likely going to trust a site at top of the results vs another company website that doesn’t.


is Expensive

Since PPC

is becoming more and more expensive as your competitors are finding this targeted advertising medium, SEO allows you to gain a competitive advantage without it costing you or your company the earth. In fact, if you are spending just 500 pounds a month on pay per click, SEO could save you money.

There are many different search engines you can target for SEO. Though, we admit that Google is our since this accounts for nearly 80% of the market share for queries. Ultimately, the best positioning for a website is on the first page as this gets 90% of all the traffic. The differences between first and second page rankings is night and day. For example, when was the last time you scrolled through page after page in Google searching for an answer to your question or a particular service you were after?

XenMedia SEO Team

We have a team of professionally trained engineers who have developed a revolutionary technique to get your websites ranked within the first page results fast. They have achieved great results for really popular phrases that are traditionally very hard to rank for.

We are the only SEO Company to offer first page listings on Google for the most popular phrases in your industry. With a team of professionally trained engineers, we deploy only white hat techniques to get you there. We have developed this technique with many years of experience to offer nothing but results for our clients.

Effective SEO is quite straightforward. It’s actually about delivering great results for your investment.

Before we start looking at Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is right for you and your business, you need answer for questions.

1. Does your client actually use a search engine to look for your industry / products / service?
2. Is your site showing for all available phrases your customers are searching for in the search engines?
3. Is your website designed specifically in such a way that represents your business or service in a way that attracts your clients?
4. Is your price or service strategically competitive in your marketplace?

These are questions you must look at before choosing “the best search engine optimisation company.”

Why Exactly do the Search Engines algorithms change?

algorithmsThe search engines change their algorithms because both people and companies attempt to get dishonest Search Engine traffic or there’s a better way to display the most accurate and relevant results.






Great SEO methods and how do they work?

In essence there are two main dominant areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) they are:

On Site Search Engine OptimisationSEO and Off Site Search Engine Optimisation.

Contact XenMedia SEO consultants today for a free no obligation quotation to get your site to the first page in Google.

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