XenMedia Solution’s team of Multi Channel Consultants really understand the current trends and technologies within today’s competitive marketplace helping you shift from  web 1.0 to 2.0 and beyond.

Social Media without any shadow of a doubt has been a game changer for all services and industries. This is the hottest topic trending at the moment and companies need help to take full advantage of this rising media. XenMedia can help you with this.

I have been recommended this social commerce infographic by TabJuice, a provider of social commerce and marketing tools. It’s a really useful infographic to show you all about social commerce visually. It shows you the power of social commerce to Facebook, but this can be used as a  model for most social media.

Simply click on the image below to enlarge!

social commerce

Simply click on the image to enlarge!


XenMedia Solutions use a variety of tools to help client connect with their clients from a simple “share with a friend” button to f-commerce( Facebook e-commerce) and real time social shopping social solutions.

Social commerce technologies XenMedia Solutions track include;
Deal Feeds (e.g. eBay Deals)
Referral Programs (e.g. PayDotCom, Clickbank)
Crowdsourced Review Forums (SponsoredReviews)
Crowdsourced Deal Directories (e.g. RetailMeNot)
Collaborative Filtering (Recommendation Engines) (e.g. Amazon, Netflix)
Collaborative Buying (“Web Coupon sites” – such as Groupon and Livingsocial)
Social Media Storefronts (e.g. 1-800 flowers, Facebook)
Curated Marketplaces (e.g. Threadless, Apple App Store)

Why are we focusing most of our efforts on social commerce anyway? Simple, as trends go, that don’t come any larger, with so many present and future possibilities to tap a growing trend. Strategically, this gets you ahead of your competitiors whilst conversing with your clients. Add mobile into the mix and your marketing efforts are simply revolutionalised.

No other platform allows a business to engage with their clients, track the results in realtime whilst delivering great customer service and value in the mix.

Small and medium sized enterprises can not only profit from social commerce, they can react, debate and confirm queries in realtime. Something that no other platform can rival at the moment.

XenMedia glues the puzzle together matching your goals to include social commerce to your marketing mix.

Incrisingly, retailers are using sites such as Facebook et al to promote exclusive deals to their clients that can only be found on this media. This sense of exclusivity will help retailers get more fans naturally.

Increasing Brand Awareness

What value do you put on your brand? Social Commerce allows you to get your brand out there into the marketplace to attract real buyers, future clients and even transform them into brand evangelists.

Your brand is able to go viral helped by your exisiting clients who tweet and retweet content from your website inner pages. XenMedia Solutions can help you do this.

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