There’s Been A Big Shift In Your Google Search Results

his article isn’t meant to shock you, but to inform. However, what follows will probably shock you, since we’re seeing the biggest change happen in search engine history. It’s not good I’m afraid! There are many search engines available for people to use. The likes of Apple […]

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by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3 Related Posts:Develop A Winning PPC Strategy – Choosing The Right PPC Agency Is ImperativeJob Cuts At Microsoft – Is There Advertising Unit Struggling To Compete?

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Develop A Winning PPC Strategy – Choosing The Right PPC Agency Is Imperative

The importance of advertising to a business or SME’s really can’t be understated. It enables prospective clients to form an opinion about a product by promoting it in the optimal way. No wonder, advertising professionals are so much in demand and are highly revered in the business […]

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Will Apple’s “Siri” App Effect Your Small Business Multi Channel Marketing Mix?

There’s been many articles floating around about how Apple’s new app Siri will destroy SEO  (search engine optimisation) and put many people and companies out of business. Like many silly articles and videos we hate, XenMedia Solutions has it’s own view on this new app and is […]

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Report: Apple’s iPad Dominance Is Falling – Android Tablets Rising

The Ipad has seen massive growth since its launch in April 2010. Wow, it seems just like yesterday. To be honest, its done really well, bearing in mind most critics had written off its popularity or if consumers were willing to pay the price. However, its dominate […]

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What is Strategic Marketing Planning?

What is Strategic Marketing Planning? Basically every CEO and marketing executive meets strategic marketing challenges each year that can dramatically change the future outlook for years. In most cases, these decisions are quite often made without a proper grasp of the situation at hand and therefore don’t […]

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